About Us

asparagusWhen you think back to all of life’s special moments, good food and drink are always a part of the story. Everyone remembers the sense of joy they felt at the first bite of their wedding dinner, or the way a dish was presented at a corner café during a daytrip to Pittsburgh or Cleveland.

Jeffrey Chrystal Catering believes that a truly sensational meal does more than just sate your appetite – it creates memories, feelings, and emotions. Whether you’re enjoying a downtown dinner for two amid the warm glow of a single candle, or gathering with friends for a special night out, the meal should reflect the uniqueness of your celebration.

We know that ingredients are the essence of the food, which is why we start with the freshest ingredients to make our handcrafted, artisanal dishes. Our chefs give each plate their close attention, using subtle flavors and techniques to enhance and elevate the food. The final product is a meal of exceptional character, teeming with a complex yet approachable flavor, and an arresting aroma.

The talents of Executive Chef Jeffrey Chrystal extend from one part of the globe to the next. He combines his sense of global influence with the creative energy that he draws from the City of Youngstown to create a truly inspired dining experience that embodies the cuisines of the nations he’s visited.

“Our customers hire us because it’s my refined palate that brings an experience to them that they enjoy very much,” Jeff says. “They know that I’m taking the time to look at every ingredient, to taste it, and they trust that I’m producing the best product.”

Jeff enjoys working with wild game, fresh seafood, and the temperament of a wood fire spit. From the lobster boats of Maine to the farms of Ohio and the butchers of Pittsburgh, we’ve built a level of trust with all of our suppliers that’s lasted years, ensuring the ingredients are of the utmost quality.

Jeffrey Chrystal Catering has had the pleasure of cooking for a number of celebrity musicians, including B.B. King, Bruce Springsteen, Ian Anderson, Eddie Money, Meatloaf and Willie Nelson. We’ve also cooked for the Clinton family, Barack Obama, the YSU Penguins football team, the OSU Buckeyes and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.